Recent News
Attention Title Companies/Lenders:  All Assessment, resale and refinance certificate requests must be faxed to 361-356-1905.

Recent Notices to Tropic Isles Homeowners
2021 Dues -  Have been sent out and are now due.  ​​​​Dues can be paid electronically through your personal banking institution's bill pay system.  Property owners are responsible for notifying the Association of name or address changes.  If you have questions regarding your current property dues status, please click on Contact Us or call at 361-356-1905.  Late fee have been assessed for 2020 unpaid dues.
Breaker Wall Repair - The breakwater wall was destroyed during Hurricane Hanna.  Plans are in place to place booms to contain influx of grass in the spring until a more permanent solution can be developed.  Please attend the monthly Board of Directors meeting for important updates on this project.  

Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Your Board of Director's meet monthly, generally the first Monday of each calendar month. Board meetings are held in order to conduct association business. Tropic Isles board meetings are open to the public. Owner members are welcomed and allowed to sign-in and voice comments or concerns to the Board during these meetings. Check the Upcoming Events link to confirm meeting dates, time and location. 

Robert's Rules - Know how your HOA meetings are supposed to be officiated.  Read Robert's Rules, an on-line version of Robert's Rules of Order Revised, 4th edition.  It is easy to use by navigating the left navigation content menu.