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Tonight's Board
Meeting Cancelled 
Next Board Meeting
Monday, Oct 2nd, 2023
at 6:30pm
~  Unity Spiritual Center  ~
~  546 Caribbean  ~
On the agenda: Board of Directors to conduct business matters of Association. 

~ Neighborhood News ~

Summer Seagrass  
The seagrass is natural to the Laguna Madre and has been prevalent in our canal system since its inception in the 1950’s.  With removing seagrass over the years, it has been recognized that is not reasonable or feasible to collect 100% of the grass from the canals, especially in the summer months, and such an effort would be exorbitantly costly and well beyond the funding of the member dues of today. Therefore, with nature providing a constant influx of seagrass during the warmer months, there will be some build ups and a collection of the seagrass particularly in the coves on the north and west ends at times.
We have contracted for the collections and disposal of the sea grass on a limited basis, and it includes all of the coves and waterways.  There has always been an increased effort in the high grass areas, and this will continue.  
The Association appreciates members input and feedback, particularly via the website and selecting Contact Us, ‘Report Issue on Canal’, and we will relay the information to help with improving the conditions with the canal system.
2023 Membership Dues
If you have not received a statement or have questions regarding your dues balance, don't hesitate to call or email for information.
It is the obligation of every property owner to notify the Association of any change of mailing address and any changes to the ownership of property. 

Canal Information

We continue to work with contractor to address the increase of floating seagrass during the summer months in all Tropic Isles canals.
Also, members should remove trash, seagrass and any other debris when possible. 
 “Every contribution counts. Everyone can make a difference."
To report debris
or navigational hazard
in the waterways
Call (361)356-1905 or email via contact us page
Building on the Canals
Click Here to find out what is needed to obtain approval to build or replace any structure(s) adjacent in the waterways of the Tropic Isles Association.
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Click image below to see a PDF brochure from the city of the 2023 bulk pickup:

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Tropic Isles Home Owners Association
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Ph/Fax (361)356-1905
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